Embedding Casettes

건강한 근무환경과 자연환경을 위해 강동그룹의 지속적인 변화와 창의적 도전은 계속됩니다. GD GROUP continuously changes and creative challenges to produce a healthy and safe working environment.

Embedding Casettes

It is a cassette for laser printers optimized for laser printers with its own special raw material application. Ensure high-quality print quality and tissue-free performance.


Best Laser Print Quality

Improve the laser printing quality with the specially developed acetal material for laser printers. Optimal acetal materials support high-quality printing, which helps to scan and read barcodes quickly and accurately.

SRT™ (Sealed- Room Technology)

GD Sealed- Room Technology is a patent-pending technology that prevents the biopsy from getting stuck into the opening and closing gaps by creating a wall inside without a reduction of the area when the lid is closed.

ARCT™(All-Rounded Corner Technology)

GD All-Rounded Corner Technology prevents the tissue from getting stuck in the corners and supports the tissue to keep moving to the center.

120° Wide Open Lid

120 degrees of wide opening lid maximizes the visibility which helps you to find tiny specimens quickly.

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