건강한 근무환경과 자연환경을 위해 강동그룹의 지속적인 변화와 창의적 도전은 계속됩니다. GD GROUP continuously changes and creative challenges to produce a healthy and safe working environment.


ISO 9001 / 13485 / 14001 Certified Company

All laboratory chemicals, chemicals and injections


Original Equipment Manufacturing

It is a production method that receives the intention of developing the laboratory product to be produced at the request of the customer and provides the finished product indicating the customer's brand. We supply products that satisfy customers based on facilities and expertise that can produce under various conditions.


Original Development Manufacturing

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It is a manufacturer development process that displays the brand of the customer on products manufactured by Gangdong Group by carrying out R&D and mass production design plans according to the customer's request. Based on its own manufacturing know-how and excellent technology, GD Group provides all solutions from product planning to development, production, quality control and shipment.

OEM/ODM Process

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