Company Overview

건강한 근무환경과 자연환경을 위해 강동그룹의 지속적인 변화와 창의적 도전은 계속됩니다. GD GROUP continuously changes and creative challenges to produce a healthy and safe working environment.

Company Overview

For a healthy working environment and nature

GD GROUP continuously changes and creative challenges.

The only manufacturer that produces reagents and consumables specialized in histopathology in Korea.

Many thanks to our supporters since GD Trade in 2014 to the current GD Group. GD Group became the only company in Korea that independently manufactures reagents and consumables specializing in histopathology. We are receiving much attention and love in all related business areas.

We supply our products to 130+ organizations: hospitals, laboratories, universities, CROs, and GLPs in Korea, and also contribute to the growth of overseas exports.

Through steady research and development, we keep developing products containing GD’s own technology, such as a fixative solution that replaces formaldehyde and transporting device reagents for inactivating RNA viruses. We will do our best to continuously supply innovative products by researching global market needs.

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