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Based on years of biopsy-specialized data, it is a brand of consumables specializing in histopathology that provides advanced consumables for research and diagnosis purposes.​

Microscope Slides

  • Frosted Super White Glass
  • Cover Glass
  • Smear Slides

Freezing Spray

  • HCF-134a
  • HFC-152a
  • HFO-1234yf

Embedding Cassettes for Laser

  • Tissue Cassettes
  • Biopsy Cassettes
  • Hinged Cassettes


  • Hydrophobic Barrier
  • No Xylene and Toluene
  • No Overflow and Quick drying time

Slides/Cassettes Marker

  • Permanent Ink
  • Ultra-fine Tip
  • Resistant to Xylene and Alcohols

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