Dr. Rabbit

건강한 근무환경과 자연환경을 위해 강동그룹의 지속적인 변화와 창의적 도전은 계속됩니다. GD GROUP continuously changes and creative challenges to produce a healthy and safe working environment.

Dr. Rabbit

Dr.Rabbit in the Lab​

Do your experiment with Dr. Rabbit.

Dr. Rabbit's Activities

Dr.Rabbit in the Lab

Dr. Rabbit in the Lab is a long-term promotion project of GD Group for experimental animal welfare.

Under the theme of "How many Dr.Rabbit is in your lab? a certain amount of funding will be donated to experimental animal welfare under the name of the organizations by adding up the number of Dr. Rabbit in the laboratory.

Experimental Animal Welfare

Based on the ideology of respect for life, Gangdong Group uses part of its product revenue for experimental animal welfare to improve the welfare of experimental animals sacrificed to cure and prevent human diseases.

It includes not only rabbits but also other types of animals that are sacrificed in non-clinical trials, especially many animals that have nowhere to go back after completing experiments such as exposure tests and blood reactions. We support animals in these unfortunate situations to contribute a little to the necessary costs and goods to continue to live.

Dr. Rabbit Items

Not using experimental animals is the best way to prevent their sacrifices. However, the reality is that research to improve human health is inevitable because there are not enough proven experimental methods and materials to obtain the same test results with animals.

All proceeds from the sale of items: clothing, miscellaneous goods, accessories, etc. with the Dr. Rabbit logo are used as research funds to study experimental materials and methods that can replace animal testing.

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