건강한 근무환경과 자연환경을 위해 강동그룹의 지속적인 변화와 창의적 도전은 계속됩니다. GD GROUP continuously changes and creative challenges to produce a healthy and safe working environment.


Maintenance, Repair, Operation

Responsible for maintenance/maintenance/management/operation of consumable materials, general purpose subsidiary materials and equipment required for enterprise activities.

Necessity of MRO

In general, the purchase of clinical pathology reagents and consumables causes inefficient operations due to complex management systems and inventory errors due to various items and irregular purchase cycles.

Laboratories and laboratories use a number of items and products depending on various experimental and research activities. The urgent response and various requirements must be met.

To meet these needs, GD Group’s MRO services transparently manage purchase history, reduce costs through integrated purchases, and save time to efficiently improve the work of purchasing and inventory managers.

It provides specialized MRO purchasing agency services that supply various histopathological reagents and consumables to suit the characteristics and requirements of various laboratories, which contributes to improving the research environment and work efficiency of customers. Help your customers focus on success by providing all purchase-related services, as well as direct cost savings for MRO purchases.

MRO Process
MRO tasks

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