Tissue Preparation

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Tissue Preparation


HydroCal™ is a buffered Hydrochloric acid decalcifier, ideal for use on large bone and dense calcified histological specimens. HydroCal rapidly decalcifies calcified.


RapiCal™ Decalcification solution is a specialty buffered acid formulation that rapidly and gently decalcifies tissue specimens ideal for use in routine decalcification.

GentiCal Immuno™

GentiCal Immuno™ is for use when maximum immunogenicity and rapid decalcification are required. This buffered acid blend produces the best possible histological outcomes in a clinical setting and is very gentle, preserving cytologic integrity and stability.


ChelaCal™ is a decalcifying solution formulated to decalcify bone and retain antigenicity for immunochemical studies. It gently decalcifies while preserving epitopes for immunoperoxidase or histochemical studies.

SolMark™ Tissue Marking Dyes

SolMark™ Tissue Marking Dyes are high-quality marking dyes used in pathology laboratories, histology laboratories, grossing rooms, and MOHS laboratories to highlight areas of interest and margins and to orient excised tissue samples. SSN Tissue Marking Dyes are specially formulated to remain visible after performing frozen sections and tissue processing and will not bleed, run, fade or change color. SSN Tissue marking dyes are available in 10 colors and have consistent viscosity and application properties.


FormaliCal™ is an acid decalcifier and rapid fixative. It is designed to be used on fresh or fixed tissues and preserves them with a minimum of lysis erythrocytes and sub-cellular granules.

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