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SSN Hematoxylin

SSN Solutions Hematoxylin 1, 2 and 3 are advanced hybrid hematoxylins between the standard Gills and Harris hematoxylin formulations. Producing high-intensity coloring of Harris Hematoxylin with the rapid progressive staining of a Gills hematoxylin. Hematoxylin 1, 2 and 3 increase with intensity as their name implies and all provide hue characteristics suitable for any variation of preference in staining. Differentiation is not required for acceptable staining results but clearer staining can be achieved with the use of SSN Clarifier or Clarifier AQ producing incredibly crisp and clean nucleic staining and eliminating any background staining. SSN Solutions Hematoxylins are resistant to crystal formation and remain shelf-stable and consistent in staining for their entire shelf life.

SSN Eosin

SSN Solutions Eosin stain lines consist of Eosin 1, Eosin 2, and Eosin 3. Each increase in staining intensity and vibrancy culminated in Eosin 3’s staining, including OG-6 and Acid Fuchsin. When paired with SSN solutions Hematoxylins, these counter stains produce an ideal balance of nuclear detail and brilliant cytoplasmic staining. All SSN Solutions Eosins are acidified alcoholic stains capable of 2500+ slide staining per 500ml when preceded with 95% alcohol.

SSN Clarifier

SSN Solutions Clarifier enhances the nuclear detail and clarity of SSN’s line of specialty Hematoxylins, 1, 2, and 3. SSN Clarifier removes background staining and over-staining the cytoplasm, creating a more selective and differentiated nuclear stain.

Bluing Solution

SSN Solutions Bluing Solution is specially formulated to increase stain stability when used with SSN H&E staining reagents. It is an alkaline buffered solution that produces ideal coloring, faster protocols, and more consistent hues than conventional bluing reagents.

Gill's Hematoxylin

SSN Solutions offers a choice of Gill's 1,2 or 3 Hematoxylins to the histologist and cytologist. They are designed to create rapid and distinctive nuclear staining and precise nuclear staining showing crisp nuclear membranes and nucleoplasm, exact staining of nucleoli, and minimum staining of cytoplasm and mucin.

Mayer's Hematoxylin

SSN Solutions Mayer's Hematoxylin is used in progressive H&E staining. It creates precise nuclear staining showing crisp nuclear membranes and nucleoplasm, exact staining of nucleoli, and just the right amount of staining of cytoplasmic carboxyl and sulfate groups to promote excellent differentiation of eosin as a counterstain.

Eosin Y Counterstains

SSN Solutions offers either alcohol or aqueous-based Eosin Y counterstains. Both alcohol and aqueous-based eosins create significant counterstaining with outstanding differentiation of cell cytoplasms and other non-nuclear tissue components. The alcoholic Eosin Y is designed to contain an appropriate amount of acid for proper counterstaining as well the aqueous Eosin Y is buffered to an acidic pH.

EA Cytology Counterstains

EA-50 and EA-65 are alcoholic-based counterstains prepared from standard formulations to be used primarily in cytology laboratories for routine staining of gynecological and non-gynecological specimens.


OG-6 is an alcohol-based counterstain that stains keratin and other cell components suggestive of squamous cell differentiation.

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