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10% NBF

10% Neutral Buffered Formalin is the standard fixative used in most histological studies. 10% Neutral Buffered Formalin is a non-coagulative additive fixative that produces the typical histological results pathologist have been trained to interpret. SSN's 10% NBF is appropriately formulated and buffered to prevent the formation of formalin pigment, quality controlled for repeatable results, and conveniently packaged in ready-to-use units.

Saccomanno Fixative

Saccomanno Fixative is a widely used cytology fixative for specimens such as FNA's, urine, bronchial washings, pleural fluids, and sputum preparations.

B-Sub Fix™

B-Sub Fix™ is a mercury-free substitute fixative for hematopoietic and lymphoid tissues. B-Sub Fix produces superior cellular morphology and cytological details than NBF without the toxic mercury of B5 Fixative, which is ideal for Bone Marrow and lymph node studies. B-Sub Fixative is an environmentally attractive solution that provides comparable results to that fixative that includes mercury.

Frozen Section Fix

Frozen Section Fix is an alcoholic formalin-based fixative formulated for frozen sections providing improved fixation compared to NBF when used on frozen sections.

Bouin's Solution

Bouin's solution is a specialty fixative that contains formalin and picric acid, commonly used in the fixation of gastrointestinal tract biopsies, endocrine gland tissues, necropsy, and tissues that will undergo study with Trichrome staining.

Davidson's Fixative

Davidson's Fixative is a rapid fixative, giving good nuclear detail with minimal formalin pigment. The fixation of small specimens is immediate. Davidson’s may be used for overnight fixation of fatty lymph nodes and is particularly useful for preparing tumors, bone marrow specimens, and gynecologic and fatty breast biopsies.


GastroFix™ is a specially designed fixative for gastrointestinal and liver tissues. GastroFix produces nuclear detail in epithelial superior to NBF without toxic additives like that in B5, Bouin's, and Hollande's. GastroFix rapidly penetrates and often fixes complex gastrointestinal tissues while preventing common issues like over-drying and chattering tissue sections. Produces high-quality results on tissues containing large amounts of mucin, inflammatory cells, and cytoplasmic RNA.

10% Zinc Formalin (Buffered)

10% Buffer Zinc Formalin is an ideal fixative for routine histologic fixation. Zinc Formalin is often used as an alternative for fixatives that contain heavy metals like mercury. Some IHC results can be improved with the use of Zinc Formalin.

Identi Fix™

Identi Fix™ is a 10% Neutral buffered formalin with a small amount of biological dye useful for quickly highlighting needle core biopsies, small biopsies, and translucent biopsies. Identifix highlights biopsies for easier identification in specimen jars, at the grossing station, and during processing, embedding and sectioning. Identifix staining is weak enough stain to be undetected during light microscopy inspection.

Grossing Fix

Grossing Fix by SSN is an acidic alcoholic formalin useful at the grossing station for highlighting lymph nodes and other high DNA content tissues among surrounding tissues. Grossing Fix is especially effective at the penetration of fatty tissues.

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